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About Us

Since 2001, Cogent has leveraged on its professional expertise, experience, and strong business networks to deliver true long-term value to our clients.


We focus on the practice of corporate advisory, IPO communications, investor relations, fund raising, public & media relations, corporate communications, crisis communications, branding & marketing, and other related services.

With an emphasis on strategic reputation management, we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to strategy development by drawing on the capabilities of our experienced team who have diverse and extensive backgrounds such as corporate finance, accounting, financial analysis, government, marketing and corporate communications. As such, we are able to understand our clients’ business and fundamentals so as to position them more effectively and to provide strategic counsel and solutions that are tailored to their needs. 

Over time, we help our clients develop meaningful relationships with their various stakeholders like investors, government, partners, customers, staff, and the general public. In order to achieve this, we will deliver convincing, compelling and relevant solutions and act as a bridge for our clients to build such relationships with their stakeholders.

We see ourselves as a long-term strategic partner and advisor that can add real value to our clients. For us, our success is reflected in our clients’ success. 

Our Approach

Cogent believes that successful and effective advisory services begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s business, industry and unique circumstances. We start by conducting a discussion with each client to gain insights into their situation and determine their needs and garner useful insights.


We then engage in a proper planning process in close consultation with our client,  and later execute each stage of the project or campaign. We believe that this systematic approach allows us to provide compelling services that bring long-term value because:

• We can provide superior value-added counsel and services through a close working relationship with our clients that provides for deeper understanding

• We help clients build their business and reputation by developing market-oriented strategies that help them achieve their business and communication objectives

• We develop programmes that are tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances, and are realistically implemented to ensure maximum effectiveness

• We help clients to start meaningful dialogues with their respective target audiences in today’s ever-changing marketplace

Our Team

Mr Gerald Woon has about 30 years of experience in the areas of Public Relations, Investor Relations, Corporate Communications, and Marketing Communications. As a co-founder and director of Cogent, he has been consulted for all of its IPO launches, IR activities and PR initiatives since its inception. Gerald also did a stint at a corporate finance firm and was involved in IPOs, deal origination and fund-raising. Gerald’s experience includes corporate finance, global publicity and media relations, crisis communications, advertising, event management, exhibition management, broadcast & video production, government relations & protocol, internal communications, editorial & publishing, and various online initiatives.

Gerald was formerly Head, Marketing Communications at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), looking after the needs of EDB and its clients in the electronics, chemicals, biomedical sciences, precision engineering, heavy engineering and services industries. At EDB, Gerald was a media liaison for several ministerial trips and worked on several Singapore Inc. initiatives, including bringing the first-ever Forbes Global CEO conference to Singapore. He has worked with numerous MNCs, public-listed companies and SMEs on their communications, profiling their leadership, operations and business. Gerald also has extensive experience advising companies on their crisis communications and was involved in the corporate recovery of several listed companies.

Gerald holds a BA (Hons) degree from Monash University and a MSc (Marketing) degree from the National University of Singapore. In addition, he has completed the Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Module 4A – Rules and Regulations for Advising On Corporate Finance, and is a member of the EDB Society. Gerald is also a Non-Executive Director of Cogent Development Group Limited, a public company in Australia.

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